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Re: libproxool-java packaging does not use upstream build.xml

Hi Onkar,

Am 23.06.2010 08:23, schrieb Onkar Shinde:
> I am working on migrating (build)rdeps of libservlet2.4-java.


> While working on libproxool-java I observed that the packaging bits include a separate debian/build.xml file even though upstream ships one.

Short answer: feel free to remove such home grown build.xml files.

> Is there any particular reason for not using upstream build script?

The longer explanation: the upstream build.xml often needs patching to
be usable for Debian packaging. Whenever the patch got bigger than a
home grown build.xml I've switched to my own file because maintaining
patches was not as easy in the past.

Today I prefer using the upstream build system. Maintaining patches got
easier thanks to gbp-pq that I use even with svn hosted packages.
Patches can often be kept small by setting properties in
debian/ant.properties. And using Maven is much easier now thanks to Ludovic.

If using the upstream build system is too difficult I recommend using
javahelper or maven-ant-helper.


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