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Re: Maintaining libjgrapht-java


> I'm trying to understand which is the current maintainance status for
> libjgrapht-java. This package got added and removed some times into and=

> from different distributions with different names, so it's not entirely=

> clear to me who is caring after it at the moment.

I think it was just a source rename - presumably to allow multiple major
versions of libjgrapht-java the archive (e.g. like we have multiple
versions of libservlet2.X-java)

> Steffen Moeller wrote me directly, saying he has very little time to
> work on it. It seems that the other maintainer (Michael Koch) asked
> Steffen to be removed from the uploader list[1].
>  [1]
> http://packages.qa.debian.org/libj/libjgrapht0.6-java/news/20090919T162=
> Michael, do you confirm it?

I would consider this very likely. Michael has been very difficult to
reach lately and the last I heard from him was that he was busy with
real life stuff.

> More generally, are there any objections if I step in and package the
> net version (0.8.something)? Right now, the only build-rdepends on
> version 0.6 is cdk, which is also maintained within the Java team. Does=

> anyone know whether the 0.6 dependency is still needed, or whether we
> can maintain in the archive just one version (josm-plugins requires at
> least version 0.7)?
> Thanks, Giovanni.

libjgrapht0.6-java is a "public" pkg-java package, so as long as you are
a part of the pkg-java team, you are free to become its maintainer.
Personally I encourage you to do it - especially if Steffen is busy and
you have the time to spare.

Unfortunately I do not know anything about the package here in question
nor cdk. However, you can certainly prepare 0.8 and get it uploaded
under a different name (libjgrapht0.8-java would be a sane choice).
  If cdk can be built with the new jgrapht, then we can just get the old
one RMed.


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