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Re: Policy Changes: Executable jars and removal of Compiler section.

Niels Thykier wrote:
> Hi
> p1_remove_compiler_sect.patch will remove the section "Java Compilers"
> and all references to the virtual packages java-virtual-machine,
> java-compiler and java2-compiler.
>   If accepted I will officially retire the following virtual packages on
> behalf of the team:
>  * java-virtual-machine
>  * java-compiler
>  * java2-compiler packages.
> p2_java_executables.patch rewords the part about executable jar files
> under the Java Programs section. It will allow Java Programs to install
> in accordance with the Debian Policy (and not just in /usr/bin). It also
> specifies where private jar files should be placed.
> This patch are based on #227594 and #395372 and will allow us to close
> them both.
> Also, if you have a proposal (or your made one during the last patch
> review) please feel free to submit it as a bug against java-common.
>   You are also more than welcome to contact me if you need help with the
> wording or just want to discuss the debate before submitting it.
> ~Niels

I see I forgot to give a deadline.

I will be away for the weekend, so if I do not see any objections on
Monday I will apply p1_remove_compiler_sect.patch and

Have a good weekend,

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