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Re: the removal of java-gcj-compat will cause FTBFS errors

Michael Tautschnig wrote:
>> Hi,
>> the source package java-gcj-compat just got removed from unstable. That
>> breaks quite a number of other packages but the fix should be trivial in
>> most cases: change the Build-Depends to default-jdk. Please DON'T use
>> default-jdk-builddep except you know what you are doing.
> Would you mind explaining why one should not use default-jdk-builddep? The name
> pretty much suggests to use it that way.
> Thanks,
> Michael


Because the name is very poorly chosen. default-jdk-builddep pulls 2
JDKs on most archs and should only be used to ensure you can build
"-gcj" packages. However, most source packages do not have these.
  A simple build-rdeps on it suggests that some 87 packages B-D on it
but we surely do not have that many packages actually providing -gcj


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