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Re: ANT_OPTS is not correct variable to set build properties

Hi Onkar,

On Sun, 11 Apr, 2010 at 12:15:14PM +0530, Onkar Shinde wrote:
> Hi Varun,
> I just checked that you uploaded a new revision of oscache. You have
> added build properties for setting target JVM version 1.4. But the
> variable you used is wrong (contrary to what the variable name
> suggests). ANT_OPTS is used to pass arguments to JVM used by ant. The
> correct variable to set build properties is ANT_ARGS.
> By the way, in this case I would suggest you to move the arguments to
> debian/ant.properties as the file already exists.

Thanks for the information. I just fixed some packages which were
using ANT_OPTS in the svn, but there seem to be many more!


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