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Re: Latest sun-java6-plugin

Søren Holm wrote:
> Hi
> Apparently ypou are mossing to generate the symbolic link to libnpjp2.so in 
> /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins for java applets to work.
> Could you please add it ??


I have moved this to debian-java@lists.debian.org (which is our debate

Originally I would have opened a bug on this on your behalf, but I
noticed that I do not have this symlink either but I still have
functional applets.
  I use the icedtea6-plugin package and not sun-java6 to provide my
plugin though (and I am running a testing/Squeeze machine).

Instead I have a symlink called
which points to

This script appears to have been created by icedtea6-plugin's postinst

Does someone else know something about this?


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