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Preparing uploads of antlr and liblogkit-java


I recently checked out antlr and liblogkit-java in order to fix the RC
bugs filed against them. I have committed my changes to the pkg-java and
will send out RFS for them in a couple of days if I do not hear anything
from their uploaders. Particularly antlr could use a bit more love, but
I have too little knowledge and experience with it.
  I intend to do these as "Team Uploads"[1], which will lead to two
lintian warnings (beyond the ones I cannot fix).

On a related note: this might be a good time to update their uploader
list [2]. Particular antlr have 5 uploaders but looks like only two of
them have actually uploaded (or committed changes) this package in 2009.

antlr also have one bug left (#555498) that I did not know what to do
about. It looks like we are uncertain whether this bug belongs in antlr
or gpt.

As for liblogkit-java: it states that a change by Matthias Klose closes
#563884. It is something I added (the change was committed by Klose in
2008), since the bug was not present in package I checked out and it
appeared plausible that the change fixed the issue.
   I am also keenly aware that liblogkit-java is obsolete (by upstream)
and I would love to have it RM'ed; however we still have packages
depending on it[3].


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/TeamUpload

[2] Upload listing:
   Arnaud Vandyck <avdyk AT debian.org>
   John Leuner <jewel AT debian.org>
   Michael Koch <konqueror AT gmx.de>
   Barry Hawkins <barry AT bytemason.org>
   Torsten Werner <twerner AT debian.org>

   Michael Koch <konqueror AT gmx.de>
   Arnaud Vandyck <avdyk AT debian.org>

[3] Build-rdepends (and rdepends) on liblogkit-java

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