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Re: Problems packing eclipse RCP application elexis


On Saturday 20 February 2010, Niels Thykier wrote:
> eclipse comes with its very own set of build scripts and an ant-wrapper
> that eclipse plugins usually use for their compilation (featuring stuff
> like pre and post compile hooks etc.). I cannot recommend attempting to
> emulate this with regular ant; also the ant-wrapper itself is run via
> eclipse - which tends to make it try and create/access $HOME/.eclipse,
> causing FTBFS on the buildd machines (e.g. see #480693).

From the command-line options of the eclipse [1], there are a few that control 
where the platform will store its data (and defaults to $HOME/.eclipse). I 
understood that #480693 was going to go away with the new eclipse, but if this 
problem is more systemic and we want to have some recipe for buildd machines, 
I can take a look, just let me know. I got this HPPA machine from Clint so it 
could be a good time to try to set it up to mimic the buildd machines.

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