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Re: RFS: UPDATE: libbasicplayer-java 3.0-4

On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 11:43:22PM -0500, Varun Hiremath wrote:
> Ahmed, thanks for fixing the package. But, I think library packages
> should at least depend on the -jre-headless package. AFAIK, that has
> been the general practice with other library packages in Debian.
---end quoted text---

I've just checked, some java library packages indeed do depend on 
-jre-headless, and some do not depend on any jre package at all.

Anyways, if I recall correctly, Matthew Johnson once told me (when we 
were discussing a patch for jh_depends) that java libraries aren't 
supposed to depend on any jre, it is the java apps.

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