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Re: Gradle and the Debian distribution


Cc-ing the debian-java list now. This message is about packaging
gradle and gant for Debian and Ubuntu.

On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 9:41 AM, Russel Winder
<russel.winder@concertant.com> wrote:
> This means that building a distribution by importing pre-compiled jars
> from the Maven repository is forbidden in Debian.

call us old school but we need proof that all code is licensed
correctly. There is only one way to reach that goal is building
everything from source and checking the license of every source file.
Relying on a repository full of binaries without source code is simply
not an option. That is not a theoretical problem only - we often find
non-free licenses and license violations when checking the sources.

> So to get Gradle into Debian it seems there has to be an Ant build
> without use of Ivy or Maven.

BTW, we have both ivy and maven in Debian. More and more packages are
shipping pom files to make them usable for building packages with
maven in offline mode. But we are far from having a complete and sane
maven repo within Debian.


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