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Some Java 3D questions and How to change the default Java Web Start engine ?

Hi All,

     I am using Debian 5 (lenny) stable with sun-java5-jdk, sun-java6-jdk and sun-java6-plugin installed. It seems that my system has Java 3D installed.

     When I browse the "Java 3D Web Start Example Programs" webpage (https://j3d-webstart.dev.java.net/test/), I could run most the examples there using Java Web Start.

     I want to know that does Java 3D being included in the sun-java*-jdk packages implicitly or have I used some alternative Java 3D engines in the Debian 5 (lenny stable) system ?

     When I run the "ObjLoadGLSL" 3D example in the demo page, a dialog stating the error "shading language not support" is displayed. I could still play with the 3D model but the texture in the 3D model disappears. How should I fix this error ?

     Moreover, when I try to open the models in the Java 3D demo page with Java Web Start, a dialog is opened letting me to choose a Java Web Start engine. The default in the dialog is "Sun Java 5 Web Start (Default)". This dialog lets me to choose another Web Start engine but when I click on this option a File Browser is openned.

     Does anyone know how to choose another Web Start engine in the opened File Browser. I suppose to choose "Sun Java 6 Web Start" from the File Browser. However, I don't know where it is ? (I think I have installed it too)

     I guess "Sun Java 6 Web Start" may be newer and better than "Sun Java 5 Web Start" and want to set it as the Default Java Web Start engine. Does anyone have the experience of how to set such default.

     Thanks for any suggestion.


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