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[RFS] libxmlenc-java, jakarta-log4 uploaded to mentors.debian.net

Hi Matthew,

I uploaded a corrected version of libxmlenc-java to mentors:


And an update of log4j:


I'd be glad, if you could upload them. Thank you.

> Cool, still a couple of things though:
> 1. debian/copyright needs the licence of the upstream package
> 2. you probably mean default-jdk not default-jdk-builddep. -builddep
> (very badly named) installs gcj et al as well as openjdk.
> 3. Do you really need to depend on gjdoc, since openjdk contains a
> javadoc implementation?
> Everything else looks good though, but I really can't upload it without
> att least debian/copyright being fixed.

Best regards,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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