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Re: maven-repo, ivy, javahelper, fosdem

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Thomas Koch wrote:
> Ivy spits some errors on me, already asked upstream for help[2], but maybe
> someone of you could also help.

I don't think the "master" configuration is supported by our Maven 
repository. You would need proper Ivy metadata, since Ivy has a much richer 
concept of configurations that Maven.

You can probably change the dependency to common->default. In the worst case 
you end up with some superfluous dependencies. Those can be excluded 

> Do you have an example of how to use mh_install* with debhelper?

I use mh_installpoms in testng, but not the other mh_install* commands.

> Is there still a need for javahelper if I can also use mh_installjar?
> Shouldn't javahelper and maven_repo_helper be merged?

> Shouldn't there be a policy that all java stuff should also be published
> to /usr/share/maven-repo?

If the artifacts have Maven or Ivy descriptors, then probably yes. If not, 
I'm not sure. We would have to invent the module descriptor, and the names 
would only have significance within Debian, so there is little gain but 
potential for namespace confusion.

> The ivysettings.xml[4] I built for hadoop seems pretty standard to me and
> I'd propose to include the resolvers part in maven-repo-helper or
> somewhere alike.

+1. Additionally I think the debian-maven-repo-versioned resolver could be 
shipped in ivy as the pre-configured "shared" resolver.


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