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Re: debian package of hadoop

On Monday 04 January 2010 15:46:55 Steve Loughran wrote:

> What use cases are you thinking of here?
> 1) developer coding against the hadoop Java and C APIs


> 2) Someone setting up a small 1-5 machine cluster


> 3) large production datacentre of hundreds of worker nodes
> 4) transient virtualised worker nodes

Installing Hadoop on Debian for me would mean something like providing the 
minimal installation that gives me a running Hadoop node. I would guess that 
clusters of hundreds of worker nodes are different enough from one another to 
require additional configuration work on the administrators side anyways.

If this were a wish list, I would love to be able to install a package "hdfs", 
one for "map reduce", another one for "hbase" (that itself depends on hdfs 
and map reduce). There should be one that is binary only, one for the 
development libs (as I would love to code against the Hadoop APIs), there 
will probably be one for the documentation. I would find configuration files 
where I expect them to be (somewhere at /etc/hadoop/ maybe) and data where it 
belongs (/var/hadoop?). The setup would help me to easily get Hadoop up and 
running as a newbie (something like apt-get install hadoop - maybe adjusting 
some configuration afterwards to add more nodes to the cluster). It would 
make upgrading to new Hadoop versions less painful. ;)


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