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Re: Debconf Java BOF discussions

Matthew Johnson wrote:

> I've arranged for a Debian Java BOF at Debconf this year which I know many
> people won't be at, so I'd like to have some sort of pre-discussion first.
> There are a number of issues I'd like to try and sort out with packaging
> policy, and actually try and get them baked into policy. Firstly, I think we
> need to move most of the changes suggested at FOSDEM 2006[1] into the main
> policy. I then have some large issues and a couple of small ones which I'd like
> to address.
> General issues:
>    - FOSDEM Draft
>    - Packaging tools
>    - Jar dependency resolution
>    - Transitions
> FOSDEM Draft:
> Library changes look good, particularly dropping runtime dependencies. Javadoc
> is all sensible. Native and arch-dependent stuff is also all sensible. Unit
> tests, shouldn't specifically refer to JUnit, but I think if the maintainer is
> happy that there aren't any racy tests, failing the build on a failing unit
> test is entirely reasonable. If it's a real regression, you really do want to
> fail the build.
> The virual package section from here has been superseded since and I think we
> have a fairly sensible set of packages.
> Packaging tools:

Project Jigsaw is going to change Java packaging in a major way.  Whatever
Debian changes to do, it needs to be able to work with the Jigsaw system.



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