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Re: buildd localies

Rail Aliev schrieb:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to package jwordsplitter and has encountered the following
> trouble.
> The package was almost done when I decided to run Junit test case while
> building. Everything is OK when I run the test via debuild in usual
> environment but them fail when I build the package in pbuilder.
> After some investigations I found that the tests are locale dependent and
> cannot be run with LANG=C. <javac encoding="utf-8"> is set. Seems like
> pbuilder doesn't generate en_US.UTF-8 locale (and it is visible from
> logs as well).
> Do buildd machines have en_US.UTF-8 locale or should I add some trick to
> run the tests properly?

create the locales when they are missing. see the gcc-4.x source packages for an
example (debian/rules2, debian/locale-gen).


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