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Re: Active Java packagers

>> 3) Figure out a filesystem layout for plug-ins. An idea could be to do
>> as Fedora does and use e.g., /usr/share/eclipse/<plugin_name> (thus
>> staying out of P2's way) or figure out how to integrate apt with P2
>> (this will need development of a debian/apt specific "touchpoint" in
>> P2-speak, at least as I understand it.
> Integrating apt and p2 is going to be difficult.  I've thought about
> this a _lot_ and come to the conclusion that it's easier to just use the
> dropins mechanism.  Stuff thus go into
> /usr/{share,lib}/eclipse/dropins/<feature_name>.

Yeah, I know. It definitely looks hard. The benefit would be that e.g.,
you could select CDT from P2 and have it pick up the gcc / build-essential
dependencies by itself.

But given the current (almost complete) lack of resources I doubt this
can happen, perhaps in the future, after I 'm done with school, army
and all :)

So, It is almost certain that we should pick the dropins mechanism
as well, at least for the near future.

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