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Re: Jakarta Commons is now Apache Commons

On Fri, 12 Jun 2009 14:53:54 +0200, Marcus Better <marcus@better.se> wrote:
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> Damien Raude-Morvan wrote:
>> It is obvious, but don't forget tu update debian/changelog (description
>> credits to Emmanuel Bourg) as this patch doesn't include those files.
> I don't think this trivial change warrants a changelog entry. If you are 
> interested in this, please go ahead.

I tend to exhaustively document, even minor, changes made on "sensitives"
files like debian/control or debian/copyright
but YMMV.

I think you should commit patch provided by Emmanuel as is.
Maybe I'll have time to document all this changes during week-end.

All in all, it seems time for a mass update for all Apache Commons debian
packages ;)

Damien Raude-Morvan / damien@raude-morvan.com

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