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Re: RFS: commons-jci [2nd try]


Damien Raude-Morvan wrote:
> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "commons-jci" which is needed for 
> JasperReports (ITP #281346) itself needed for Spring Framework (ITP #426259).

  It seems fine by me. I have a few comments, though:

  * Why don't you use the pkg-java repository ? As far as I can tell,
you have the rights to do so, and this packages definitely qualifies as
a good candidate

  * Why do you build-dep on openjdk but depends on
java-gcj-compat-headless ? If it runs with java-gcj, it should build
with java-gcj. I don't think we have (yet) a policy on that, but if it
builds with java-gcj, you really should consider building with it, as it
makes a lower requirement of Java runtime (unless you tweak the build
options for openjdk), and it is available on many more architectures.

  * I'd personally prefer an upload to experimental... (during the freeze).



Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer

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