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How to package a WAR as a .deb

Time to ask for help after having torn out too much of my hair ... I understand Java but I'm a debian package novice.

I have a self-contained web application built into a WAR file, say foo.war.

I'm trying to package it up as foo.deb on a custom server so users of that web application can simply use
    apt-get install foo
to get this application deployed on their application server, say Tomcat.

I have been attempting to use Tomcat's tomcat5.5-webapps package as a template for how to do that, as it nicely restarts Tomcat upon install / uninstall.

But I'm not getting from here (I have the WAR file, and reading through the dpkg-buildpackage etc docs) to there (foo starts to look like tomcat5.5-webapps)

Some hours of Googling have not led me to a HOWTO or cookbook recipe for how to do this.

Some basic questions:
- which of all those debian/* scripts from the template do I need? What about make targets in the rules file? - what's my Debian architecture? dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -aall says "all" is an unknown Debian architecture
 - how should an orig file look like for Java, and in particular a WAR?

A HelloWorld.java with all the right scripts to build HelloWorld.deb would really help. Anybody have any?



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