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vecmath1,2, vecmath-sun and vecmath


Some info, to start with: 
 * vecmath (or javax.vecmath) is a package for vector mathematics used by
 * It was written by Sun but was non-free, so a copy was written (called
   vecmath1.2) for any other program who wanted vector maths.
 * Now the Sun version is GPL2+ and it is a dependency of java3d
   (vecmath1.2 is not compatible).
 * vecmath1.2 hasn't been maintained upstream since 1999.

There is a vecmath1.2 source package in the archive at the moment which
provides the libvecmath1.2-java binary package. As the original, Sun,
version is required by java3d, I'd very much like to upload it. It's
actually maintained upstream as well, which is nice to see.

I propose that we upload Sun's vecmath as "vecmath" with binary package
libvecmath-java which "Provides: libvecmath1.2", and then ask for
vecmath1.2 to be removed. Comments?

I will do this in the next week unless anyone objects. There is
packaging for vecmath in SVN under /trunk/vecmath/.

Kind regards,

Jonny Lamb, UK

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