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Re: Java + Tomcat slow on TS 109

On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 11:55:08PM +0200, Vegar Neshaug wrote:
> The QNAP TS-109 has a Marvell 5182 500MHz processor. Specifications
> can be found here: http://www.qnap.com/pro_detail_hardware.asp?p_id=91

> I have installed lenny versions of openjdk 6 headless and mysql.
> Tomcat 6 was downloaded from the tomcat webpages and installed
> locally.

> I have a small web application which outputs image files stored as
> blobs in the mysql database.
> The output of the binary data is done in a loop similar to the
> following, where "in" is the mysql binary stream and "out" is the
> servlet outputstream.
>                 byte[] rbuf = new byte[1024];
>                 while ((nbytes = in.read(rbuf)) != -1) {
>                     out.write(rbuf, 0, nbytes);
>                 }
> On the TS-109 this gives me speeds around 25 KB/s with "top" showing
> the java process working at around 90-100 %.
> For a 2,3M image this takes around 90 seconds.
> On a 2GHz pentium 4, the same download using the same software and
> binary data output implementation uses much less, maybe around 1
> second.

> What might be the reason for this difference in performance?
> Is the java implementation on debian-arm particularly slow?
> Is it possible to get better performance?

You might want to try cacao-oj6-jre-headless, which is openjdk
using cacao JIT. plain openjdk on arm is intepreted, and thus
quite slow.

"rm -rf" only sounds scary if you don't have backups

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