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How to handle Eclipse plugins


I'm completely new to eclipse and for the moment I only want to
use it to access MS SQL 2007 servers which seems to be the only
way from Linux by using Quantum DB plugin with Microsoft SQL
Server 2005 JDBC Driver.  But may be I like Eclipse more and so
I want to know how to cleanly handle Plugins instead of just
changing permissions to /usr/lib/eclipse to enable myself to
copy some files to this location (uhmm, is this dirty ...).

Google leaded me to


and I personally would like to turn those two plugins I need
(org.eclipse.gef and quantum.sourceforge.net) into Debian packages
but there was no real outcome of this discussion.  Moreover in
a followup to this mail Jerry Haltom claimed that

You should be able to
install a plugin from eclipse and it should end up in either
~/.eclipse/plugins or /usr/local/lib/eclipse/plugins or something.

... which would help for the moment - but I did not found a
clue *how* actually to do this.  If there is some easy way to
accomplish this I'd regard this worth a


or something like that - but I have not found any useful
information here.

Any clue how to install plugins cleanly?

Kind regards


PS: I would be happy if you could keep me in CC because I'm not subscribed
    to Debian-Java list.


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