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Re: Debian package of geronimo

Jonas Granvik wrote:
> Hi,
> Was just trying to get Geronimo running on a debian machine, but noticed
> that there was no ready made package to debian. Is there any particular
> reason for this, or has it just not got done yet?
> It would be really nice if there would be a ready made package so that
> directories and configs would be done in debian style. Is there someone
> with better knowledge about making debian packages than me that would be
> interested in this? At least I find Geronimo as an interesting
> environment to develop and run JavaEE applications and especially their
> management console is very appealing compared to e.g. JBoss. At least
> JBoss and Glassfish seem to already be in place, but is there room for
> one more solution?
> // Jonas

Hi Jonas,

As far as I can see, it doesn't look like anyone is actively packaging
Geronimo for Debian.

You can put in a request for it at http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/.
But my guess is that it isn't something that would get into Debian too
quickly.  There are just too many packages, and not enough developers...


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