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Re: About java virtual dependencies and provides and the Java Policy


On Sun, 2008-05-11 at 13:27 +0200, Eric Lavarde wrote:
> Hi,
> browsing through the repositories to check some Java stuff, I find quite 
> some confusion around virtual packages:

I would also like to have this spelled out somewhere. Though policy's
requirement, for virtual packages to appear in the list of virtual
packages, is only a SHOULD, it would be good to have this in place.

        3.6 Virtual Packages
        All packages should use virtual package names where appropriate,
        and arrange to create new ones if necessary. They should not use
        virtual package names (except privately, amongst a cooperating
        group of packages) unless they have been agreed upon and appear
        in the list of virtual package names. (See also Virtual packages
        - Provides, Section 7.4)

Like Eric, I am not sure what to depend on (right now I am
build-depending on "default-jdk-builddep" which I found somewhere in the
archive, and which is not really correct, since I require a java 5
compatible SDK.

Best regards


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