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Bug#476658: postgresql-pljava - direct dependencies on libgcj and misleading package name

Package: postgresql-pljava
Version: 1.4.0-1
Severity: important

postgresql-8.3-pljava-gcj currently directly depends on a specific
version of libgcj, which is unneeded, and doesn't allow the bindings
to work with another jvm. The upstream should be built without setting
USE_GCJ, but by setting JAVA_HOME to /usr/lib/java-gcj and adding
/usr/lib/java-gcj/bin to PATH.

The name of the binary package is wrong. The package itself contains
jni bindings and has nothing to do with gcj in the first place. Please
have a look at the glib-java package how jni bindings can be packaged:

 - libpostgresql-8.3-pl-java, binary indep, holding the jar file
 - libpostgresql-8.3-pl-jni, binary arch, holding the jni bindings
   (these two packages could be merged into one).
 - libpostgresql-8.3-pl-java-gcj, binary-arch, built using
   dh_nativejava (using aotcompile) to optimize performance when
   running with the gij runtime. Only this package depends on
   libgcj-bc (not on a specific libgcj library package).
   See for example the libxerces2-java source how such a package
   is built.

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