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Is this a Java error?

[Please cc me in any reply, as I am not subscribed to this list]

I know this isn't a "help" list as such, but what I'm trying to do
here is just diagnose the nature of the problem I'm having, as a first
step to finding a solution (or giving up!).

My employer provides remote access to its systems for employers, using
a Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server web interface. The Citrix
system is in turn accessed by means of an AEP Netilla VPN.

When I try to access the system using my Debian installation (running
sun-java6-jre 6-00-2 from Lenny, though the version of Java hasn't
seemed to make any difference) I get an error from the "AEP Port
Forwarder" during the connection process, reading as follows:

                          ----- start -----
Mon Nov 26 21:17:43 GMT 2007 AEP PF (GUI:0.3 (TreeView/Locale)/NET:0.7
(TDI/Spoofing/Dyn Spoofing/Framing/NetBT/CCD/Remote Proxy)) starting..
BasicRule: Checking rule: Citrix
BasicRule: Checking rule: Citrix
BasicRule: Checking rule: Citrix
HelperLib: Error starting TDI subsystem: java.io.IOException: Unable
to download native library. IP Aliasing/Restoration functionality is
     ---=Starting static rules=----      
     ---=Starting rules with AUTO keywords=----    
Starting rule:   [Citrix Access]   (4:17) ->
Starting rule:   [Citrix Access]   (4:17) ->
Starting rule:   [Citrix Access]   (2:6) ->
                           ----- end -----

I'm particularly focusing on the line beginning "HelperLib". Does this
look like a problem at "my end", i.e. something to do with the version
of Java in Debian, or does it look more like a problem at "their end"
(i.e. there is something in how my employer's system is set up that
means it only Play Nice with Windows - which would't exactly come as a

Needless to say, it all works fine when I access it using Windows :-(



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