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Re: Bug #449176: azureus: Downloads very slowly with GIJ

Anthony Green writes:
 > Andrew Haley wrote:
 > > OK, so you're not picking up the precompiled classes for some reason.
 > > Not good, but the fact that the CPU is only at 5% indicates that isn't
 > > the core problem.
 > >
 > >   
 > I believe that the problem lies in our NIO implementation.  I don't know 
 > exactly what the problem is.  It has been discussed a few times on some 
 > of our mailing lists (GNU Classpath, java@gcc.gnu.org).
 > FWIW, there have been many bug reports against azureus in Fedora about 
 > this.  Now that we have IcedTea I've closed all of these bug reports 
 > just asking people to not use gcj.  IcedTea runs azureus just fine.

It would be nice to find out what the problem really is, but I can't
think of a way to find out.  At least, a way that doesn't involve
punching a hole in my firewall and allowing God Only Knows what
peer-to-peer traffic through.


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