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Bug#448286: java-common: [POLICY-PROPOSAL] Almost all Java libraries should be in section libs.

On Sat, Oct 27, 2007 at 10:24:56PM +0200, Eric Lavarde wrote:
> Package: java-common
> Version: 0.26
> Severity: wishlist
> Hello,
> in section 2.4 "Java libraries" it should be specified that packages
> containing such libraries should belong to the 'libs' section and not
> to the 'devel' section.
> As Java libraries, to the difference of C libraries, are at 
> the same time for runtime and development usage, they could be in both,
> but as 85% of them are already in this section, it makes more sense to
> make it consistent this way. Also, a java developer should know this,
> where a java user might not expect libraries to be in devel.


It would be better create an special 'java' section (as perl and python
have there own sections too) but thats another issue.

Eric: Can you please provide a patch against java-common so we can vote
here about it? I guess thats the best democratic way and it shows
directly how we change the policy instead of voting about some change we
dont know how it will look like later.


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