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Re: About Maven

On Thu, August 23, 2007 9:01 am, Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> First, many thanks for your work on Maven and I'm very sorry that I
> took that mutch time to review your work.
> I'd like to ask you about the ITP of maven: #323050
> It seems to be blocked by:
> o #426219: ITP: plexus-component-factories -- Plexus factories for
> bsh, ant components etc;
> o #426226: ITP: plexus-compiler -- Interface to compilers within Plexus;
> o #426228: ITP: plexus-digest -- a component of maven2.
> None seems packaged but maven build and run. Maybe you can unblock
> maven? Or did I miss something?
> Once again, many thanks for your work,
> --
> Arnaud Vandyck

Hi Arnaud,

Yes, it looks as though I need to unblock maven2's ITP - I'll do that when
I get home. Those other components are downloaded by mvn when you run it.

Of course, we'd need them (and many others!) if we want to use mvn when
building other Debian packages.

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