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Re: Reg. Apache Excalibur

Kumar Appaiah wrote:
Dear Debian Java users,

I am not really into Java packaging in Debian, but have been looking
around a bit. I was actually looking to see if Apache Cocoon can
somehow make it into Debian, which will eventually pave the way for
inclusion of Lenya, Forrest and many more of the nice Java stuff
Apache has.

Now, I have identified some of the dependencies of Cocoon, and thought
we could start with Apache Excalibur. Now, there's a stumbling block
right from the word go. Look at:

under the "Manual Jar Download" section. Now, of the jars mentioned there:
mailapi: GNU has an API which has similar functionality
jsse: included with Java 2 SDK, so if we allow that, we can allow
Excalibur into contrib.
jms: Oops! We need to accept some license from Sun to even download
the pre-build jar!

So, can you suggest something which can be done, or is it that there's
no way out till we have a free alternative to these jars (or Sun frees
them)? Or am I getting something wrong here?

There are lots of free implementations of the entire JEE stack, JBoss, Geronimo and Glassfish are some. They have JARs that are certified that you can use.


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