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Regression of Japanese text display in sun-java6-bin

I've come across a problem in the Sid sun-java6-bin package in
the file:
Currently, Japanese display in Java appears to be broken using

The problem is that the new fontconfig file refers to the IPAMona
fonts which do not yet appear to be in the main Debian repositories.
The Java 1.5 fontconfig used the Sazanami fonts. I switched back to
my 1.5 fontconfig, and things appeared to work perfect again.

I don't know how the situation is with Debian and the IPAMona fonts,
but if we just want to get this working with Sazanami again, I've made
a quick patch which will make the necessary changes to the new
fontconfig. The patch is located at

Please let me know if there's anything else I should do at this point.
(Formal bug report, etc.) Although I've used Debian for awhile now,
honestly I am new to actually contributing stuff back.

Best Regards,
Paul Goins

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