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Re: [ITA] Turkey: looking for a sponsor

Cesare Tirabassi wrote:
> Hello,
> I have patched turkey to solve an ftbfs in Ubuntu gutsy (thanks
> especially to the work of Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz) and made some
> general update and clean up; I attach the patch to this email.
> I was told by a Debian QA person that since turkey is currently
> orphaned, I could help Debian as well offering to adopt this package.
> Bear with me as I'm quite new to Debian, is there a sponsor willing to
> help me out with this?
> The patch I attach is for Ubuntu, so it needs a couple of (I believe)
> minor changes to the changelog and checking of dependancies (as well as
> the jvm directory).
> The package NEEDS the sun jvm to be able to run properly in gui mode, so
> it needs as well to be moved to the non-free archive.
> Thanks in advance,
> Cesare Tirabassi

Hello Cesare,

I'm not a DD so I can't offer to sponsor you. However there are plenty
of DDs on the debian-java list who might be able to help (I've CCed that
list). I used to use turkey to generate filler text so I'm glad it has
found someone to look after it. Does Ubuntu currently just sync this
package with Debian?

A couple of questions:

  *  Can it still be *built* using free Java implementations?
  *  Can you still use its command line interface with a free Java
runtime (I'm pretty sure this is possible).

If so then maybe it should stay in main - what's everybody else's opinion?

There's a Debian Java Packaging team that you might find useful:

You might want to have a look at this FAQ:

or some of these documents:


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