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Re: [Debian Wiki] Update of "Java" by HenningSprang

Michael Koch wrote:
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>    * ["JVM"], ["JRE"] and ["SDK"] (TODO: these might all be removed, or redirected to this page here?!)
>>   == Java from Sun ==
>> +  * ["Java/Sun"] - some info about the openjdk in debian
>> -  * ["Java/Sun"] - Sun's Implementation is available in Debian
>> +  * SunJava - Sun's Implementation is available in Debian non-free
>> -  * SunJava
> I think this one of the most misleading parts in our wiki.

If you want to settle on exactly one of the
misleading/inconsistent/redundant parts, maybe :)

(I'm trying to invest some time everytime I have some left to get that
cleaned up)

> I dont know if that is possible but Java/SUN should be renamed to
> Java/OpenJDK 

Yes it should, I'll check if it's possible.

> and SunJava should be renamed to Java/SUN. 

Yes, to have it in the Java hierarchy of the wiki. There are more pages
linked from tha main Java page which fall into this category.

> And Iwould not
> keep OpenJDK under "Java from SUN".
> OpenJDK is/will be a community project with SUN as its most prominent
> member. That doesnt mean its SUN only anymore.

Yes, OpenJDK is community, adn this is what is targetted to package for

But there will probably( I rather ask but state this here) always be
some binary jdk/jre distribution from sun (which will ever be in
non-free, as an updated version to what they have now in version 5 and 6.


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