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Re: RFS: opengrok

let's say I am sure ;)
(Assumptions are evil ... they really are! )

Opengrok - it's a jar, which you need to call for creation of indexes and there is also a swing search application there and naturally there is this famous webapp which is used for src.opensolaris.org/source and many others.

And yes, I make it convenient for myself to depend on Suns JDK, because rebuilding this code for gcj would be a pain & I don't have that time. I didn't tried kaffe, but guess I would end up in similar way.
Time is of the essence.

but thanks for the comment, keep them coming!

On 6/27/07, Trygve Laugstøl < trygvis@apache.org> wrote:
Ľuboš Koščo wrote:
> Hey, good stuff Seo
> Unfortunately opengrok depends on sun-java-jdk , which is in non-free.
> As soon as java will be in main, I'd gladly refresh the package :)

Are you sure it depends on Sun's JDK or are you just assuming? AFAIK it
is just a normal WAR and should be easy to deploy on several servers.


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