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Re: Wiki page for requested packages

Bruno Dusausoy wrote:
> We've put a page[1] on the Debian Wiki in order to gather the Java
> apps you want to be packaged.

The existing infrastructure is very well suited to keeping track of such
things. Please use it, it's much more effective than having a wiki page
which is guaranteed to become out-of-date. Here is a good procedure:

1. Add a RFP for each application (if there isn't one alreday).
2. Find out about the dependencies of the application. If they are not
packaged, file RFPs for them too.
3. Use the BTS "block" command to express dependencies between the RFPs.
4. Optionally we could set a BTS usertag such as "java-packaging", with user
name "pkg-java-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org".

As a free bonus you get a nice tracking page in the BTS that is always
up-to-date, and can replace your wiki page, similar to the one I did for
JBoss [1].



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