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Bug#409302: update-java-alternatives is broken

severity 409302 important

On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 10:32:24PM +0100, Nicolas DEGAND wrote:
> After migrating from java 1.5 to java6, my jre was not
> working anymore in my browser, complaining it could not find the java
> binary. After following the symlinks, I found out that /etc/alternatives
> was still pointing to java 1.5.
> /usr/share/doc/sun-java6-bin/README.alternatives said that I should type
> (this should probably been done automagically during upgrade and I
> guess it has been designed to be this way, but it seems flawed)
> :

> update-java-alternatives --jre java-6-sun

> But the script does not work (it only prints the help messages).

I see the same errors from update-java-alternatives, but it looks like the
problem is that no JREs have yet registered with this particular script. 
I'm not sure what all java-common is supposed to do, but there are a large
number of packages which depend on it and none of them seem to care about
update-java-alternatives; so I don't think we should consider this package
unusable just because this particular script is unusable.

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