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Re: status of jaxme


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> Marcus Better wrote:
>> Hi,
>> what is the status of JaxMe (bug #296117)? Is it ready for upload?
>> It is needed for packaging JBoss.
> Maybe Eric can answer here... Eric, do you have preliminary package or
> something? if yes, can you put your files in subversion so Marcus or
> somebody can also work on it? JBoss in Debian is a must have (like
> jonas!)...
I can possibly answer it but I'm innocent: I asked a while ago the same
question as Marcus, and the answer came from Wolfgang Baer, who has
already packages waiting for upload:

Due to delays on FreeMind, I didn't follow up for some months, so I don't
know the status (but the package was fine for my first tests).


Cheers, Eric

PS: FreeMind is also a must have, grrr :-)

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