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Re: Academic Survey on European Patents

On Thu, Aug 31, 2006 03:56:15PM +0100, Steph Meslin-Weber wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> As an active lurker (and infrequent participant) of these mailing lists, I
> thought there would be interest in research on software patents.

Of course the most important source for this theme is www.ffii.org.
They are against Software Patents and are backed up by thousands of companies.
> The survey site is up now: http://survey.tangency.co.uk

It makes more sense to me to sign the petitions on the www.ffii.org site. Your
girlfriend should get the info from there.

Regarding the questions: what [the hell] means
"The level of software patenting available currently in Europe provides enough
incentive to innovate"?

There is no software patents in Europe by law (European Patent Convention,
article 52):

Ivan F. Villanueva B.
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