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Academic Survey on European Patents

Hi Everyone,

As an active lurker (and infrequent participant) of these mailing lists, I thought there would be interest in research on software patents.

As a quick background, my dear wife is studying for a MScIT in Information Systems and Technology at the City University, London. She has chosen to do her dissertation on the impacts and effects of software patents on large and small software producers in Europe.

I'd therefore like to invite you all to take part in the survey that produces the data for her dissertation. And of course, please forward it on to anyone else you feel may be interested in also taking part.

The survey site is up now: http://survey.tangency.co.uk

All results will be anonymized and only aggregate results presented. Everyone is welcomed to participate, not just EU nationals or residents!



Steph Meslin-Weber, steph@tangency.co.uk
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