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Re: Java policy change proposal: runtime/compiler selection

Jeroen van Wolffelaar writes:
> and how to set priorities is unclear and not easy to decide on.

IIRC that we decided on the priorities. See

> In the current Debian Java policy, java libraries are required to
> properly document how to modify classpath such that people can use them
> -- this does not work automatically.

Do you want to include every jar in a "generic" classpath?

> If this (rough) proposal meets with appreciation, I could make it more
> concrete and provide a java-common implementing this policy. Any
> comments welcome. Also pointers to any prior discussion about solutions
> wanting to address the same problems, I realize that I did not do very
> much research to prior proposals and discussion on the matter, for which
> I aplogize. I didn't want to delay this mail until I'd find time to do
> such research, and this idea wasn't as 'current' anymore.

Your proposal only addresses runtime environments, not build
dependencies, and how they should configured.  We discussed that in
Oldenburg (you included).  You may want as well look at FC how the
classpath is configured for specific applications.

Application specific blacklists for jre's/sdk's are missing, else
you'll get at least one RC report for each application.

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