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concerning a lib that can't be found

Hello there,

I've been experiencing some annoying behaviour on the part of my java
applications. I've managed to track the problem to a file the java
executable can't find.

I'm using fluxbox, which has a nifty right-click menu where I put all my
So, here's the explanation:

1. in my ~/.fluxbox/menu I have two such entries
[exec] (jEdit) {jedit} </home/rdrs/.fluxbox/icons/jedit.xpm>
[exec] (jGnash) {/home/rdrs/bin/jgnash} <>

That is, one is a debian-installed app, residing in /usr/bin, the other
an application I've put in /opt. The script in my bin directory does the
exec java -jar /opt/jgnash/jgnash-1.10.6.jar &

Calling either from the command line works a charm. Calling any from the
menu does...

...nothing; that is, the process is not started. On looking at
.xsession-errors, we find the lines:
java: error while loading shared libraries: libjli.so: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory

Now, the responsible lives at:

Here's where the fun starts. I made a debianized version of the current
java1.6 snapshot, and installed that. In any case, version 1.5 was
behaving the same way..

There's little around about this lib, but a post mentioned java should
be able to find it without setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. "This is a job
for... the java developers!"

Well, at the moment I'm trying to get by making the WM use the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH - it's not being very cooperative, but I should get it
eventually. In any case, I'm afraid that as soon this lib is found,
other errors will pop up, so I thought I'd ask the experts for a push.

Where should I begin looking to make sure the apps are able to work? I
have the JAVA_HOME set to the place where the whole j2sdk6 is dumped,
and the java -version spits the correct (1.6) version.
Update-alternatives is also set, though it is currently pointing to the
natives. Anyway, if .xenv shows JAVA_HOME all the same, shouldn't the WM
be able to call the app anyway?

I've written the chaps at fluxbox-users for WM specific help, and I was
wondering if you could help me tackle this. Priority is low: apps run,
so I'm just keen to get them from the menu as well..



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