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Re: eclipse-nls-sdk update

On 3/23/06, Hideki Yamane <henrich@iijmio-mail.jp> wrote:
> Hi debian-java list,
>  In Debian unstable, eclipse-nls-sdk pacakge is too old and useless now.
>  I've posted it to BTS #340823 and make packages and announced to Japanese
> Debian community about my packages. Some of them uses my packages and they
> say it works well.

There are already packages for the NLS of the recent Eclipse version
in pkg-java, but we havn't found time to review and upload it. At
least I didn't find a sponsor yet.

The last stand was that I cut the NLS into pieces like the Eclipse
package in platform,jdt,pde etc. But I think that it results into too
much packages and one eclipse-i18n package should be enough.

Michael Koch told me that he has objections against a package containing all
languages and he prefer a package for each language. But again I think
it results into too much packages.

Stephan Michels.

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