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Re: Azureus finally no longer needs non-free java. It works with gij.

Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
I don't know Fedora but I use Eclipse 3.1.2 built native with gcj, the
package from Michael and I use it everyday now. It's really impressive
and I don't have problems no more. I got problems but when trying to
find out what it was, it was the latest WTP Eclipse plugin that causes
crashes... on the IBM vm too.
Ah yes, I forgot, I'm on ppc (Debian) ;-)
I'm glad to hear it is improved. When I tried Native Eclipse on Fedora Core 4 it broke when I tried to create my first class.

Shame on them.
Ouuuuh! Bad attitude! Shame on you! :-D
Yes, you might have right. It might be seen as a bad attitude. I mean, those people are trying and working...
I'm apologizing to Andrew and rest of Red Hat crew.

Mladen Adamovic
http://www.shortopedia.com http://www.froola.com

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