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Re: Azureus finally no longer needs non-free java. It works with gij.

Mladen Adamovic writes:
 > Andrew Haley wrote:
 > >  > Did you test Azureus properly, and not just be able to compile it?
 > >  > Guys from Red Hat included GCJ compiled  Eclipse in Fedora core 4 
 > >  > (Native Eclipse) and it was so unstable that in fact it was completely 
 > >  > useless. Shame on them.
 > >
 > > Excuse me while I go behind the outhouse and shoot myself.
 > >   
 > I hope you are kidding about that shooting!
 > Don't find me wrong, I really appreciate  all effort (your guys from) 
 > Red Hat and others are giving in gcj.
 > I see that there are few Red Hat employees working full time for gcj and 
 > there are more people also, and hopefully gcj
 > one day will be as stable as Sun's Java and I really think it would make 
 > big positive influence on Linux and big negative influence on Vista. I 
 > really believe that gcj could be really really important. It could break 
 > MS domination on the market.
 > But sometimes gcj used to make bad impressions and I think that Red Hat 
 > should avoid making those bad impressions, when possible.

So do I.  I regret the fact that you had a bad experience.

 > I will see what Fedora 5 have to offer this week (waiting to FTP final 
 > release) and take better look inside new gcj.

Thank you for displaying a slightly more reasonable attitude this time
around.  We make the best decisions we can, based on the information
that we have.  I cannot guarantee that we will always make the same
decisions that you would have made, but, despite whatever you may
think, we do test things and we are not cavalier about stability.  If
we believed that Eclipse was as unstable as you say it was, we would
not have included it.

 > >  > http://www.froola.com 
 > >
 > > "The site is temporary down. We are sorry about this inconvenience."  :-)
 > >
 > >   
 > :) Nobody is perfect.

No kidding.


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