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Re: Java policy draft


>> I just finished reading http://wiki.debian.org/Java/Draft
> Me too. :-)

Just my 5 cents: the policy about javadoc doesn't say where the javadoc
should be registered in doc-base. I would suggest something like
Programming/Java, in order to avoid have links all over the place in dhelp
& Co.

As a relatively inexperienced Java programmer/packager, I'm sometimes
missing some words about the how/respectively some links to the
e.g. how to make sure a package is built with debug on, how to register to
doc-base; all things I'm able to find out, but I think it would be more
motivating for new maintainers to have directly a link to the right help
(and again, I don't think the HOWTOs should be part of the policy, only
links to them).

> [JVM finder and CLASSPATh builder]
> IMO it would make great sense to add a jpackage like "CLASSPATH" builder
> and JVM finder and add the experience with this to the java policy. Up
> to now, the java policy is mostly about packaging, but not about how
For the JVM finder, I would suggest freemind.sh as a starting base, as I
spend quite a lot of time to get it right :-)

Cheers, Eric

Eric de France, d'Allemagne et de Navarre

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