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Something's wrong with <exec... on ant for my Ubuntu server

I installed Ubuntu for my development server recently because getting CentOS was such a royal PITA, and it’s all gone very nicely except for one thing:  <exec> task is failing on my in some very inconvenient circumstances.  It all started when I discovered that most of my circumstances where I was execing “echo”  were completely failing.  This was easy to fix by using the “echo” task itself.  Now I’m finding some ruby programs I very much need to work are failing when exec’ed.  Running “/bin/date”, for instance, as a sanity check, results in nothing at all.  I run:


<exec executable=”/bin/date” failonerror=”true”>

            <arg line=”>/tmp/mess888.lst” />



Results in nothing; no failure; no output.


Can anyone make some suggestions?  This is a real disaster if it won’t work.


Sincerely, Xeno




Breezy Badger Ubuntu root access:  sudo passwd;su -


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