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Re: Does libjcalendar-java qualify for main?


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> Eric Lavarde - Debian wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I didn't get any answer to this email, so I reformulate my question:
>> - is someone willing to sponsor me on this package placed in main?
>> - if not, I already have a sponsor for contrib ;-)
> Why not in main?
Oh, he would probably agree to be my sponsor for main, but I thought that:
- JCalendar fitting for main,
- I would put it under shared Java maintenance.
- then it would make sense to have a sponsor from the Java maintenance group.
but if I'm making it too complicated, just tell me, it's my first package
I'm trying to put under main resp. under common Java maintenance.

>> - is it OK to upload this package to CVS, even though it's not (yet)
>> maintained by Java Maintainer?
> yes.

> Eric, sorry the slow response, very busy at the moment and it seems
> other java DD also are :(
That's fine, I'm seeing all the eclipse and tomcat messages flying around.
I know you're not lazy :->

> I'll try to recontact you if your package has not been reviewed.
It hasn't yet, in respect of being OK for main (there is already a version
in contrib).

What about libforms-java? (I know, give a finger, take an arm...)

Thanks, Eric

PS: and, I wish everybody a merry christmas, frohe Weihnachten, joyeux
noel... (and the same for the new year as a whole)

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