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Re: Java WSDP on Debian?

[17/12/2005 -- 14:26u] Arnaud Vandyck:

> > Whatever directory I try to suggest at the "Select a Web Container"
> > screen (/usr/share/tomcat5, the same with /bin or /server appended,
> > /var/lib/tomcat5), it keeps telling me that what I've selected "is not
> > a Tomcat 5.0 for Java WSDP installation directory".
> >
> > It then offers me only two options. Either I download a web container
> > from [2], or I continue with none installed.
> Can you try the same thing when you install a fresh tomcat5 installed in
> /home/$YOU/local/tomcat5
> If it's ok, then, it's a bug in the Debian package. It'd be super great
> if you could find the difference(s) between the 'original' tomcat and
> the Debian package and then file a bug report <http://www.debian.org/Bugs>

First off, I haven't tried the exact thing you suggested (i.e. to
install a fresh Tomcat5 in ${HOME}/local/tomcat5). What I did try
was to install the "native" Tomcat from tomcat.apache.org locally,
I mean, in my private ~/Bin. It didn't work either, and I figured
that's pretty much what you wanted to know. Please do tell me if I
am assuming wrongly.

Second thing, though, is that my teacher for that course told me I
will indeed need the Tomcat5 container Sun offers, which is the one
the WSDP installer suggested in the first place. According to him
(but he's a manager in real life, so I'm not 100% sure :p), no "default"
Tomcat5 installation would suffice, and it *has* to be one of the
containers suggested by the Java WSDP installation routine.


PS: From the mail address mentioned at Sun's WSDP site, I haven't
received any reply whatsoever, which is too bad, because they are
probably the only people who can be dead sure...

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