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WTF: All those eclipse packages (and som gcj questions)


I do find it really great to have eclipse in debian (finally). Only I'm
a little confused by all those new packages. So here come my questions,
please someone shed some light on this:

1. Do I understand correctly that the "ecj" is a java 1.3/1.4 compiler
that I can get either as "pure-java-version" (via eclipse-ecj) or as
native binary (via eclipse-ecj-gcj). What benefits has ecj above gcj?

2. Those eclipse-* packages that have a eclipse-*-gcj counterpart: Is
the gcj-version (i.e. natively compiled plugins) faster? What are their
benefit above the normal variant?

3. If I choose to use Sun's SDK is there any benefit at all using the
natively compiled packages? 


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